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Jess Cole

We are so happy with Elite Martial Arts. All the instructors are great! They’re all so kind, enthusiastic, fun and empowering. My daughters focus and attention have definitely improved since starting back in April. She loves doing the obstacle courses and the recognition of her hard work at belt tests. I would strongly recommend Elite Martial Arts for anyone considering Taekwondo.

Troy Stephens

Highly recommend this unique and wonderful Taekwondo school! With everything from dedicated adult classes to kid- and family-friendly beginner classes and a nationally competitive recon team, it has something for everyone and amazing instructors full of heart and dedication leading it all. Come train with us!

Elite Martial Arts is a rare and wonderful Taekwondo school that will change your life for the better. The people here are family to me, and starting classes here and sticking with it has been one of the best things I've done. Master Lee, Master Taek, and Master Cathy are superb and dedicated instructors, who skillfully guided my sons through reaching high color belts and have mentored me through achieving my 1st and 2nd Dan black belts, in challenging and rewarding training that showed me a path to a strong, healthy, better life.

The instruction is first-rate, with an excellent balance of group exercises and individual attention tailored to each student's present skills and rough spots, such that we are constantly challenged at an appropriate level and guided to improve and achieve. I attended family classes with my sons, and we each also attended age- and level-appropriate class of our own, which makes a great combination.

Taekwondo offers an engaging range of skills to practice, from choreographed "forms", sparring moves, and self-defenses that coordinate mental and physical discipline and focus, to stretching, kicking and punching drills, board breaking, obstacle courses, and warm-up jogging and calisthenics. This makes it easy to find both activities you like and new skills to master. Sparring classes bring it all together with the opportunity to "get in the ring" and build perception, reflexes, and endurance in friendly competition. I love the continual challenge and always look forward to each session.

The class environment is genial and supportive of all students, and seeing others around you give their best is fantastic motivation to stretch yourself to advance beyond your own limits. The instructors organize additional activities that greatly enrich the experience, including a summer camp, movie nights for the kids (a.k.a. date nights for parents!), hikes, bringing in competition-level student instructors, and opportunities to compete in state and national tournaments. Having competed in four NJ tournaments at various belt levels, I highly recommend the experience, as it offers expanded challenges and opens up a whole new world of Taekwondo.

This program enriches lives and brings wonderful people together and is well worth checking out. I highly recommend this excellent Taekwondo school!

Steve Wilson

Our experience with Master Lee, Master Tek, Master Kathy, and all the instructors at the entire Elite academy started as most do. Our daughters friend went there, so our daughter wanted to go. We tried the free trial classes and signed her up right away. We noticed a difference in our daughters confidence and overall behavior almost instantly. So much so, that our younger daughter wanted to sign up as well. As it goes, the girls were doing TKD and were loving it. Mom and dad didn't want to get left behind!!! So we signed up as well, and now all 4 of us attend Elite Martial Arts studio! We are a family that is building our courage, confidence, and structure. We look forward to our training weekly and have nothing but amazing things to say about the instructors at this facility. I must say that besides the art of TKD, the instructors there very much teach valuable life lessons to our children. Kindness, bravery, and overall lessons of what it means to be a powerful and helpful person are always involved in the curriculum. "We train to get stronger to help lift up the weak" as Master Tek once said to the class. If you are considering to try your hand at this ancient art of dialed in sparring, Elite Martial Arts academy is the first and final step for all ages!!!

Erica Schwerin

We love Elite Martial Arts! My son has been training here for years and loves it. He loves the instructors. They train hard, have fun, and learn valuable life lessons. They also have a great summer camp and host other events throughout the year like movie nights.

Paul Kushnir

My son has been going for more than 3 years when he started at 6 years old. Master Lee and the entire staff motivate the kids to get better and stay fit within a very positive environment. Highly recommend. Fun and very family environment.

Chrissy Romine

My daughter had gained so much confidence, gets great workouts and has learned an extra dose of respect & determination. The staff at Elite is top notch. They’re patient, encouraging and knowledgeable! I highly recommend this Martial Arts Studio!!

Brendan Mulligan

Our son has been a student since second grade. He has developed discipline and confidence, especially since joining the Recon sparring team. The instructors are terrific and set a safe and fun learning environment.

Simon Fishman

My son has been training here for years and has earned his 2nd degree black belt with Master Lee. All the instructors are knowledgeable and patient with students from beginning to expert. They also have a sparring team that is excellent.

Bryan Levin

I have been training at Elite Martial Arts for almost 10 years now and I can say it has been the greatest experience of my entire life. The journey I have taken from where I started as a small 8 year old to now being 18 is something I feel like cannot be replicated anywhere else. Thank you to everyone at Elite Martial Arts for helping create the best school and community ever!!

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